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conturbatio (one) | misc, finished

title: conturbatio, part one
series: code geass: lelouch of the rebellion
rating: idefk, man
pairing: schneizel/suzaku
warnings: uh. uhhhhh 8|aaa nothing! a lot of confusion.
notes: this literally popped out of no where - after writing so much of her staying in place like a good pup under his thumb, there needed to be a moment where she was like this, even if she's only doing it. uweh. you'll see.

He knows he's going to be caught out by the time that he catches the red of Suzaku's dress in his vision.  She has never been the most subtle, and while she's gotten better at it over the years - maybe it's just his punishment for not telling her as soon as he had found out that he was going to Clovis's casino.

But, can he really be blamed for that?  Perhaps in her eyes, but in his he has really done no wrong - other than not... bringing her along, and that is more than likely the problem.

It's made more certain when he doesn't quite catch her quick enough before she's up on one of the tables, looking as wild as she has ever been, a smile on her face that just promises vengeance on some level or another.  What was it that she had told him this morning?  'A lesser man would be afraid'?  Certainly so, it seems.

Because, it doesn't look like Suzaku wants to come down from that table.  It doesn't help that she tells him no a good number of times - she wants him up there with her on the logic that if she's going to embarrass him then he should at least get some sort of enjoyment out of it.  Unfortunately, he doesn't feel like playing right now, so she ends up taking a glass of wine in her hand and raising it - towards him - in a clear show of defiance.

("I'll probably cause you a bit of trouble tonight.")

It didn't make a lick of sense then, but now it does.

She comes down after please in a way he hadn't been prepared for after her own do I have to, and she's not so much a handful as she is an armful of grown woman after all these years.  He has to move one arm under her thighs and the other around her waist because she's landed so high up that his face is in a place that - at any other time - he would have been happy to have there.  Suzaku had meant to do it, too, if the way she wraps her arms around the top of his head - ever so careful with that glass - confesses anything.

There is going to be lipstick on his forehead he knows, feeling her brush her lips against it before laying her head on top of his.  She tells him that she is sorry, even if she doesn't really mean it, followed by lighten up.  Truthfully, it's not so easy with a wild woman running around when she should be elsewhere, and -

This is all that I can do for you.

A woman with no name has no power, but it's better than way; if she can sway him so with intentions alone, then she doesn't need to know anyone other than him - she doesn't need to know anything outside of his room, despite her wanderings proving otherwise.  She has been more anxious this year and last, and he can only guess why that is.

Gino, Kanon, Lloyd, Cecile, Anya, Nunnally, and Suzaku (he knows so well, but this is the difference between the two) are so obviously intrigued - too obviously, even - and he has to put her down before either of them get carried away.  She's already caused a ruckus by doing as she pleases and it's enough for one night.  Where she got the dress from he can't even begin to fathom, but he imagines that it has something to do with her late night and early morning going abouts.  It doesn't even begin to cover her back or arms, but he suspects that she did that on purpose.

He does not necessarily want to share, and she smiles at him like she knows which makes it worse.  He's never had to before, so this is a little - irritating.  Just a little.

Suzaku - the girl - is the first to raise a bare hand and wave.  She turns her head towards him and shoots him something of an apologetic look before turning and earning herself a knowing look from Lloyd.  There's no way he could know, as this is - a special case.

("You can't protect me from things that are out of your control.")

Schneizel doesn't want to find out what those kinds of things are.

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