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2012-03-25 11:46 pm

stagnant | cgkinkmemeii, complete

title: stagnant.
series: code geass: lelouch of the rebellion.
rating: r?
pairing: suzaku/lelouch/suzaku, one-sided euphemia/lelouch and shirley/lelouch, mentions of suzaku/kanon (/gino and /schneizel).
warnings: assist masturbation, and. language? maybe? no idea.
notes: prompt.

toniiiight we are youuuung- )
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2012-03-11 07:49 pm

conturbatio (one) | misc, finished

title: conturbatio, part one
series: code geass: lelouch of the rebellion
rating: idefk, man
pairing: schneizel/suzaku
warnings: uh. uhhhhh 8|aaa nothing! a lot of confusion.
notes: this literally popped out of no where - after writing so much of her staying in place like a good pup under his thumb, there needed to be a moment where she was like this, even if she's only doing it. uweh. you'll see.

what are the things that he cannot control? )
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2012-03-11 02:50 pm

propriety | cgkinkmemeii, incomplete.

title: propriety.
series: code geass: lelouch of the rebellion.
rating: nc-17.
pairing: schneizel/suzaku, schneizel/ladies.
warnings: idk right now.
notes: being suzaku is pain and suffering.

almost lovers almost always cause heartache. )
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2011-08-29 05:40 pm

another day | cgkinkmemeii. PART ONE | [ FINISHED ]

title: another day, part one.
rating: pg-thirteen-ish?
summary: he missed it, perhaps a bit too much.
pairings: lelouch/suzaku, strongly implied schneizel/suzaku.
warning: u h m. 8|a implied violence, brief suggestive scenes, and a few implied sex scenes that aren't in this part.

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